Texas Bad Boys Diesel

   Texas Bad Boys Diesel was opened in 2004 with a goal of providing superior customer service for a broad range of diesel-powered solutions. We pride ourselves on our full spectrum catalog of after-market performance parts ranging from simple aesthetic changes to radical "off-road only" modifications. Additionally, our Cat Spring, TX, shop is staffed by expert diesel technicians specializing in a range of services from repairs for "daily drivers" to performance product installation for diesel enthusiasts.
   At TBBD, we are experienced at Cummins conversions, and making 6.0L (Ford) and 6.7L (Dodge) engines live to their maximum expectancy. Our philosophy is based on the old saying "how fast do you want to go and how much do you want to spend to get there?" We can provide you with advice and information on how to get the most out of your truck and the steps needed to get to that solution. 
   TBBD is only a phone call away to the answers you need. We own, drive, and repair diesel trucks that achieve maximum performance at a reasonable price.